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Dr. Smoothie Crushed® is an ultra-premium ready to drink beverage that brings you exciting tastes, textures and aromas from around the world. Each Dr. Smoothie Crushed delivers a vine ripened, fresh fruit experience.

We blend traditional and exotic fruits picked at the peak of ripeness to ensure that each beverage is delivered fresh and true, as nature intended.

EXPERIENCE the fresh vine-ripened taste of Crushed

Our Artisan Crafted blends specialize in taste profiles that will captivate your imagination with exotic locations, single origin fruits, special varieties and unique textures and tastes.

We rely on nature to provide the “natural fruit nutrition” the body needs without added vitamins. This makes Crushed the consumers choice when searching for a “clean” label beverage. It’s perfect for concerned parents shopping for kids, schools, healthy vending and more.

Shelf stable for easy distribution, these pure fruit, Natural blends deliver 3 servings of fruit in the perfect grab and go 12oz size.


Dr. Smoothie believes in helping those less fortunate, promoting healthy lifestyles, conserving vital resources and making unique, healthy all natural products. We hope you share our vision. Enjoy!


  • Shelf stable
  • Natural
  • 3 servings of fruit
  • No artificial anything
  • No HFCS
  • Artisan crafted
  • 100% puree & juice blend
  • Gluten free
  • No preservatives
  • Natural fruit nutrition
  • No added vitamins
  • Clean label
  • No added sugar